Firm Profile

Since 1990, Midkiff & Associates, Inc. has been specializing in due diligence, planning, permitting, and project facilitation for shorezone, residential, commercial, public service and recreational projects. Midkiff & Associates, Inc. staff can guide your project from a due diligence review prior to the purchase of a parcel, into the design phase of a project, through permitting, all the way until the project has been completed and all Tahoe Regional Planning Agency securities have been returned.  The firms expertise in planning and permitting in the Tahoe Basin will guide you through the extensive permitting regulatory process in a timely manner and ensure that you obtain a quality project, allowing for the highest and best use of your land.   

Midkiff & Associates, Inc. specializes in guiding you through the planning process and obtaining permits from all agencies with regulatory authority in the Tahoe Basin.  Please review the agencies link above for further information regarding all the agencies we deal with on a regular bases or give us a call so we can discuss your project in greater detail.